Group Coaching

Why would I want to participate in group coaching?

Group coaching provides a unique opportunity to share and learn from others who face similar challenges. It helps you realize you are not alone.

Time for Success offers a variety of group coaching opportunities.

  • Friday Forum: Making Time for Success – three month series of six one-hour group coaching calls with no more than six participants. The focus is on helping individuals, especially those who have ADHD, create an ADHD Owner’s Manual for their brain. These calls invite exploration, curiosity, and creativity. They are a place to incubate ideas in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Friday Forum Intensive: Making Time for Success – one month series of four one-hour weekly group coaching calls with no more than six participants. Each series focuses on a specific topic like procrastination, self-care, creating new habits, and a variety of other themes. The goal is to help individuals learn to thrive rather than just survive.
  • Friday Forum Skill Building Groups: Making Time for Success – this series of one-hour weekly group coaching calls varies in length because each series is based on a different book. Each book has a unique focus that helps build individual skills. The Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner and Small Steps to Profound Change by Robert Maurer, Ph.D. are two examples of books used in this series. Each group is still limited to a maximum of six individuals so each person has time to actively engage with others during the one-hour calls.