Kathie England

Kathie England, Certified ADHD Organizer Coach®, Professional Certified Organizer Coach® and Certified Professional Organizer®, launched Time for Success in 2002. Her specialty is helping individuals, especially those who have ADHD, get the most out of their abilities. Kathie’s purpose is to be a catalyst that helps you explore and shift the challenges that having been holding you back. She helps clients discover the power of small steps to create profound changes in their lives.

Kathie’s clients with ADHD include executives, small business owners, and other individuals who want to better manage their time and space. She also works with individuals who need a coach to help them develop habits to maintain their decluttered space.

Kathie believes that organizing time and space is much more than selecting the right tools and products. It’s about creating new habits and changing the mindset and beliefs that have been holding you back. As a coach, her goal is to help you discover your own solutions. Solutions that work with your values, your needs, and your strengths are solutions that last. Drawing on her background in teaching, facilitating, interviewing, listening and collaborative problem-solving, Kathie sees things from your perspective and customizes her services to fit you.

Even before Kathie became a Professional Certified Organizer Coach®, her clients recognized she was much more than an organizer. She listens and observes without judging or trying to fit you into a preconceived niche. Kathie believes that people have their own solutions deep within them. Her role is to ask the questions that help you discover your own solutions and unlock your possibilities.

Kathie is a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), NAPO Oregon, and the Institute for Challenging Disorganizer (ICD).

She was in the first group of coaches to become certified by the Institute for Applied Coaching™ in 2009 after she completed her training through Coach Approach.

She was one of the first two coaches to be awarded the designation of Professional Certified Organizer Coach® in 2014 and the first coach to attain the designation of Certified ADHD Organizer Coach® in May 2016. Both of these certifications were awarded by The Institute for Applied Coaching™.

She served for five years as the Director of Professional Development of NAPO Oregon. She is also a member of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) and CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD).

She is actively involved in Portlandia Club, Inc. and was co-chair of its Better Together Mentor Program which mentored women from Dress for Success® Oregon for more than eight years.


Accountants, adult students, artists, attorneys, counselors, court reporters, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, facilitators, financial advisors, graphic designers, healthcare consultants, homemakers, image consultants, insurance specialists, landscape designers, mortgage brokers, non-profit executives, photographers, physicians, professional organizers, psychologists, retired individuals, small business owners, software engineers, veterinarians, writers

She specializes in working with adults diagnosed with ADHD.