“I am so looking forward to our session today. I just wanted to tell you that I have made such amazing changes and progress in the goals we set. I am thrilled with the path we have explored and the benefit that has blossomed from it. I have much to share, but I didn’t want my gratitude to get lost in the discussion.”

— Angela Nevin, Diversity Life Coach

“I just want to THANK YOU for our conversation this morning. I already figured out some images and a quote that will help remind me of my priorities, and I absolutely love the new format of my day with fast/slow wins. I adjusted my To Do List to reflect those things. So, thank you! I already feel significantly better…like things aren’t so overwhelming!”

— Bethany Rocci, Volunteer & Store Manager, Dress for Success Oregon

“I’ve worked with Kathie England for the last nine years, initially to help me organize my business processes. As we worked together on my clutter control, I began to ask Kathie for input on tough conversations and how to get unstuck in my thinking and action.

I have come to think of Kathie as a business/personal coach as well as an accomplished organizer. She continues to help me gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of my thinking. Kathie helps me see my thinking patterns and provides me valuable reinforcement and alternatives.

She has also led me to valuable books, websites, and articles. Kathie is continuously learning about individual and coaching effectiveness. She transfers that learning to me in a very productive way.

Besides our one-to-one work I have enrolled in Kathie’s virtual book study workshops and public presentations where I have witnessed her coaching others as effectively as she has coached me. Kathie is a great example of life- long learning and shares her accumulating knowledge with a commitment to my life results.”

— Gale Long, retired executive

“Working with Kathie England is making my life move forward with grace and ease.  Her knowledge of how people think, how decisions get made, and how to expand our choices is amazing! She helps me see how what I am doing works or not, and what simple actions to take for creating incredible results.  She is a delight and inspiration and clearly has a passion to make a difference!”

— Janelle Buzzell, MBA
Buzzell Consulting, LLC

“Kathie’s coaching has been the best thing I’ve done for my business and for myself in many years. I was an overachiever in college, and then spent the next 20 years tangled up with procrastination and perfectionism. I was in a constant state of ‘situational disorganization.’ Working with Kathie restored me to my more ‘authentic self’ – someone who sets and meets goals and accomplishes much. If I see any signs of backsliding, the first call I make will be to her! I think Kathie should be as proud as I am happy about our work together.”

 — Danielle Liu, Certified Professional Organizer®, Totally Orderly


“Thank you, Kathie, for providing the Making Time for Success monthly calls. They are such a valuable resource. You have a gift for breaking down big topics into understandable and digestible formats. I have used concepts from your Making Time for Success calls in my home life, consulting business and creative writing practice. Listening to your calls on a range of topics, from willpower to time management, procrastination to completion chemistry, I always come away with a nugget I can use. Thank you again for making such rich material accessible.”

— Suzanne Lehman, Organizing Consultant, Portland, Oregon

“I finally made time and put this as a priority to sit and listen to the recording for the last Making Time for Success phone call. I loved it! I think everyone left taking something they could use to move or act in a new way to the different situations. I know I have. Mine is giving myself the ‘OK’ to be in a place of empty space because in this crazy world it is not ‘OK’ to just pause…I loved that!”

— Cathy Priest

“I decided to participate in the call entitled ‘Saying No’, from the Making Time for Success series, not because I thought I had any issues with ‘Saying No’ but because I am consistently impressed with Kathie England’s coaching abilities as a fellow professional organizer. This call did not disappoint!

As it turns out I learned something about myself; I learned I DO have trouble ‘Saying No!’ The running theme throughout this call seemed to be that people have difficultly saying ‘no’ because of guilt. In thinking about my personal life I found that I have the very same problem, which leads me to overbooking and over-extending myself through the requests of others to avoid feelings of guilt.

Thank you, Kathie, for your continued guidance. I look forward to the next call!”

— Stacey Schimmelman, Simple Solutions, LLC


“I’m thinking often about the presentation you gave on Wednesday night. It was full of great information, and so thoughtfully delivered.

Kathie, you are truly a gifted speaker. Your combination of curiosity, research and ability to pull all the pieces together is just astounding.

I learned some really valuable perspectives and new information in both of your recent ADHD presentations.

Once again, thank you!”

Suzanne Lehman, Organizing Consultant LLC

Perspective ADHD – Part 2: Presentation to NAPO Oregon – October 16, 2019

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation on Wednesday night. It was so well thought-out and informative. When a presentation is that clear and to the point, I know it took lot of effort to put together and practice! It was polished, yet warm and accessible. How do you do it? That is a great feat!”

“The audience members appreciated it, too. Here are the comments from the meeting survey:

  • Amazing presentation!
  • Great crowd/attendance! Kathie England’s presentation was awesome!! She rocks!! Kathie is such an inspirational presenter!
  • Thank you!
  • Wonderful presentation! Great info and well presented. Thank you Kathie!
  • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us!
  • Looking forward to Part 2 in October!
  • Kathie provided useful and helpful info. Great presentation!
  • Kathie is always such a stand out speaker!
  • Kathie England is a true trainer! What a clear, powerful presentation. Thank you!
  • Fabulous!
  • So appreciate the info and connections!
  • As always Kathie’s presentations are excellent!”

Perspective ADHD – Part 1: Presentation to NAPO Oregon – April 17, 2019

“Thank you for your fabulous presentation yesterday at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility! The information was so valuable for the women, it was great to see their participation and how they grasped the S.T.O.P. exercise and taking small steps.  It was also fun to hear what each of them will be working on, and great to see how they support each other.”

– Barb Attridge, Co-founder of Dress for Success Oregon (Retired)

“I’ve set this small task as my first priority! Thank you very much for your insights on time management and the power of small steps. I love especially the information about the amygdala and developing neural pathways of habit.

I wish you all the best and thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us in Portland.”

John Kohlepp, Sales Manager, Courtyard Portland City Center

“I want to send a belated thank you for your presentation at the October NAPO-Oregon meeting, on behalf of myself and the chapter/board. It was fascinating to learn more about peer support groups for people who have “too much stuff.” I had heard about the Buried in Treasures book (it is on my reading list!), but didn’t know about the network of groups that have grown out of the work of David Tolin et al! 

I particularly enjoyed the narrative appraisal exercise. Going through the mental process of “letting go” of items is an excellent reminder of the complexity of the client experience. Having a structured way to look at (and recognize) emotions behind our own possessions makes us better professional organizers. It also brought up interesting discussion about the role of the professional organizer and the ability of all of us to be the client!

We received rave reviews on the member evaluations for your talk– here are some of the comments:

  • Wonderful presentation! Very thought-provoking!
  • Kathie England is such an expert in her field; she continues to amaze me!!!

So, thank you again for speaking to the group, I found it valuable!”

— Maia Dart
NAPO-Oregon Program Assistant

“On behalf of the ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization), I’d like to thank you for the time, energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm you put into being a teleclass presenter. You are much appreciated, and you win the vote for the most enjoyed voice for the year! Have a wonderful new year!”

— Linda Arena
ICD Teleclass Coordinator

“Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the excellent presentation on time management. You explained the principles and strategies in such an orderly, easy-to-understand way, and I walked away feeling like I had some powerful new tools to share with my organizing clients. This was one of my all-time favorite NAPO Oregon presentations, hands down. Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with the chapter.”

— MaryJo Monroe, Director of Professional Development, NAPO Oregon

Professional Organizer, reSPACEd

“The turnout for your presentation surpassed all my expectations!

I gained an even better understanding of the small steps approach after hearing it for the 3rd time from you. There are always more nuances to discover, and I was glad for a refresher.

I really liked that you had people talk to each other in timed turns. I believe doing so truly enlivens a group, because in order to learn, we need to talk, too. And I know the way you speak (leaving out “crutch” words) was much appreciated by people – they told me so!”

Terry Masters

These are just some of the other positive comments clients have made to describe working with Kathie…

“A deep listener. Creative. One on one. Unique approach for each person. Problem solver. Caring. Good memory for a person’s personality. Understands my style and personality. Can retain and apply. Nurturing. Encouraging. Non-judgmental. Discrete. Concerned and caring. Patient. Supportive. Understanding. Kind. Enthusiastic. Fun. Enjoyment in creating something with someone else. Not doing it for me. Like a gentle hand on the elbow that guides but doesn’t direct. Partnership. Takes the boredom and isolation out of the process. My organizing angel. Gives you energy when you feel frustrated and drained. Keeps momentum up.”