Success Stories


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with a coach? Listen to the following 2½ minute excerpt recorded from an actual coaching session to hear for yourself.

Listen as the client explores the challenges she faces with her record keeping as a realtor. She identifies that she would really like to delegate this work but is not yet financially able to take that step. As the coach, Kathie invites her client to look at what small steps she might take to move closer to achieving this outcome.

This brief coaching sample illustrates several important coaching skills:

  • Co-creating the relationship establishing trust and intimacy and creating a safe and supportive environment
  • Holding the client’s agenda identifying what the client wants and wants to achieve
  • Working with perspectives – helping the client consider alternate views to help shift her thinking and explore possibilities
  • Challenging – a super-charged request intended to stretch the client

The coach’s most important skill is to listen. Listening means really hearing the client, what the client wants from life and from coaching. It means listening from a neutral place and from a place of acceptance. It involves allowing the client to lead and discover possibilities. The coach listens to herself, to her client, and to her intuition.